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Straight Answers #2: Guns

The Platform

Learn about the Maroon Party’s program to restore democracy and justice.


Thank you for visiting. This is the online Headquarters for the Alan Augustson for President 2020 Campaign, and for the Maroon Party of the United States, which is devoted to creating a true democracy in our country.

Although some of our opinions may differ, we’re united in the belief that there are far too many layers of process, bureaucracy and privilege between people and power. Because of this gap we see the dysfunction, scandal and corruption of today’s government.

We need constitutional change, change that cannot ever happen the way things are. To achieve this, we need Party members, candidates at all levels, presidential electors and more.

There will never be a fee or dues structure to participate in the Maroon Party, but contributions are always helpful and appreciated. A donation process is forthcoming.

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